benefits of membership

The members of the Masonry Institute of Tennessee are committed to producing, supplying and installing the masonry needs of the design community--our partners in this continuing industry.

MIT has a variety of membership categories to enable better sharing of the many, varied benefits of the Association. All members, regardless of their classification:

  • Have the opportunity to attend all masonry seminars and meetings at member costs.

  • Receive the quarterly newsletter.

  • Receive new technical data as soon as it is available. Reprints and technical information is always sent to members first--before being distributed to others.

  • Receive personal technical assistance on masonry projects.

  • Share in all special projects and programs of the Institute.


membership application

Yearly Dues Structure:

Architecture/Engineering - $100.00
Associate (Instructors/Educators) - $50.00
Manufactures & Suppliers - $1,250.00
Producers per plant/machine - $1,250.00
Masonry Contractors - $1,250.00 per million (payable by Contractor or Union Checkoff and Contractor)

Dues may be paid quarterly. Dues are normally considered an ordinary and necessary business expense and are tax deductible as such.