emerging professional Awards

The Emerging Professional Award is a showcase for emerging professionals to display graphic concepts and be a part of the Excellence in Masonry competition. Three leaders of related industry judge the art and then the winners are selected. The winning artwork is then framed and given out as prizes for the Excellence in Masonry Competition. First place winners receive $1000, second place winners receive $500, and third place winners receive $250.

  1. Entries should embody the spirit of masonry design and construction.

  2. Entries must be submitted as a high resolution PDF file (with fonts outlined) by e-mail. If e-mail is not available, or file is too large to e-mail, you may submit the entry on a CD by mail. Submissions should be sized 11"x14" (portrait or landscape). All entries become the property of Masonry Institute of Tennessee who reserve all production rights. Entrant will need to provide all native files should their entry win.

  3. The design must contain the following:
    A. Masonry Institute of Tennessee
    B. Awards for Excellence in Masonry 2019
    C. Project: Name of Project
    D. Owner: Owners Name
    E. Architect: Architectural Firm
    F. Masonry Contractor: Contractor’s Name

  4. A $35 entry fee must accompany all submissions.

  5. Deadline for 2019 Submissions: April 19th, 2019


2018 Award Winners

1st place-  CHRIS OWENS

2nd place-  SIERRA JENSEN

2ND place-  SARA MOHR

Chris Owens, Smith Gee Studio