The Masonry Institute of TN will not be hosting the Emerging Professionals or Excellence in Masonry competition in 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

masonry institute of tennessee

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Masonry is one of the oldest forms of construction known to man. For centuries, it has been an accepted and proven form of construction for all types of structures. Thus, it is sometimes overlooked by today's designers who are seeking newer building methods. MIT helps the designer consider the dependability and versatility of modern masonry.

The Masonry Institute of Tennessee, since its 1981 inception in Memphis, assists those involved in construction to accurately evaluate the many strengths of masonry. It is MIT's mission to provide technical data on the economics of masonry, it's advantages and many uses.

Services provided by the Masonry Institute of Tennessee include:

  • Seminars for architects, engineers and others on timely masonry subjects.

  • Publication of a quarterly newsletter, The Masonry Column.

  • Technical assistance to builders, designers and owners of masonry buildings throughout Tennessee.

  • Young Architects Forum graphic design competition.

  • Excellence in Masonry awards program to recognize outstanding uses of masonry.

  • Masonry Construction and Materials Workshops and other seminars to serve the needs of qualified masonry professionals in the masonry industry.

  • Direct mailing of technical data to designers and building officials.

  • Assistance to Tennessee universities for classroom instruction on masonry design and construction practices.


mission statement


To secure a career-oriented, technically-trained, competent workforce.

To offer educational opportunities to the design community at a level which will enhance and contribute to their knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the masonry discipline.

To continually promote the advantages of masonry and increase market awareness of its quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

To continue to increase both the membership and level of member participation through MIT task forces, individual commitment, and alliances with architects, engineers, suppliers, and associates.